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The Rebrand Story


The home of passionate, professional trainers, and behavioral technicians, Cooperhaus K9 (Milpitas) is now Urban Dog House. Yes, at our Milpitas facility we will continue to provide the training, daycare, and boarding services as we did in the past. This rebranding is a result of us attempting to make a clearer distinction between those Pet Parents looking for training for all dogs regardless of breed and geared toward everyday practical behaviors, relative to those looking for more niche dog training for specific breeds. Too often, Pet Parents would infer from the name - Cooperhaus K9 - as being associated exclusively with the protection or police working dog breeds and training. So in order to hopefully address prior niche inferences, we’ve come up with the new branding - same great facilities and service with a new and more inclusive name.

Our training objectives remain the same as before - In attempting to meet our Pet Parents needs and goals in everyday real life situations, our methods are fully customized and designed to create a stronger bond and trust between both the Pet Parent and pet companion.


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