Evaluation with a UDH trainer to ensure pets and pet handler is in an appropriate class. An evaluation must be completed before starting an obedience course. During this time you will be able to ask your trainer plenty of questions and from there make a decision on what's next for you and your pet.





  One-on-one with a trainer – this option maximizes your training time and provides a focus on you and your companion’s needs.



HOme Visit

With this lesson a UDH Trainer meets at your home, place of business, or public venue for one hour of training. This private lesson is great for pet parents facing training challenges in particular locations or situations. Pricing is based on travel time and location, please contact us to schedule your session.



Obedience Program

Get a mix of everything! This is our most popular Obedience Package! It includes two private obedience sessions and a pack of group obedience classes. Clients are able to hone in on their pet's training in private sessions but also take advantage of the pet socialization that a group class offers. If interested in this program, a UDH trainer will contact you schedule your private sessions, and place you in an appropriate group class.



Private Lesson Package

One-on-one with a trainer – this option maximizes your training time and provides a focus to you and your companion’s needs. This package includes five one hour classes over a five week period, on leash obedience, dog socialization and basic off leash obedience.



Come Train With Us!

Urban Dog House specializes in training all breeds of dogs. That being said, in working with UDH, you’re the boss.  Our methods can be customized to fit your individual needs and goals. In doing so, our programs are designed to create a stronger bond between you and your dog, at all times, and in any environment. For six decades, UDH has established a reputation for outstanding obedience training across the Silicon Valley and entire Bay Area....What sets us apart from others is the attention we pay to your unique set of needs for you and your pet.