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Group Classes

We offer different levels of obedience group classes to match your dogs abilities and aptitude. Some of our specialty classes can also be categorized as obedience courses as well. Additionally, if you require our undivided attention or have some special needs not necessarily covered in a group class, take a look at our private lessons.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are great for folks who like the attention and privacy that a group class can't necessarily session can offer. This option maximizes your training time and allows trainers to tailor training to your specific needs. Schedule your one-on-one lesson with a UDH trainer today!

Specialty Classes

From our Puppy class to Rally Obedience, specialty classes offer a range of different activities for you and your pet to enjoy. Dock Diving and Agility classes help to bring out some of your dog's innate abilities and are great confidence builders. Looking to move soon and want your dog to make a good impression on your land lord? A CGC Certification can help. Got kids? We've even got a special class from them as well!

& Train

Taking a trip and want some training for your pooch while you relax on the beach or while you visit your grandmother in the midwest that's allergic to dogs? Do you not have the time in your schedule for weekly classes? Try out our Board & Train options.  At Urban Dog House, your dog is kept at our facility in a safe, and controlled setting. On a daily basis, training is conducted leveraging a number of techniques that are intended to drive mental/physical stimulation and all while building your dog's confidence.

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