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Urban Dog House specializes in training all breeds of dogs. Our methods are fully customizable to fit your individual needs and goals. Programs are designed to create a stronger bond between you and your dog while, at the same time, training them to adapt and perform in real-life situations. Whatever the level of training your dog requires, we can surely help you meet those needs.


This offering is a 30 minute evaluation with a UDH trainer to ensure pets and pet handler is in an appropriate class. An evaluation must be completed before starting an obedience course. During this time you will be able to ask your trainer plenty of questions and from there make a decision on what's next for you and your pet. Evaluations are can be booked from Tuesday through Sunday by selecting the Book Now button below.

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Popular with all our clients are the events supported by or sponsored by Urban Dog House: Pack Walks, Pucks & Paws, Bark for Life, hiking and beach excursions.  Participation in such events provide an opportunity to gauge the training progress outside the controlled environment of our training facility.

Specialty Classes

To take your training to another level or if you simply want your dog to have some fun, check out the many other services that Urban Dog House has to offer: Swimming, Agility,

Puppy Class, Kids-n-Canine, Rally, etc.

& Daycare

Urban Dog House provides a friendly, secure place for your dog to stay and play. Whether you are gone for a day, a week or longer, you can feel secure that your four-legged friend is having fun and is being well cared for.

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We heard about this place and decided to give it a try. We put our dog through obedience training. Prior to enrolling my dog, he lunges at people and other dogs, to the point where my wife and I don’t look forward to taking Milo in walks anymore. Fast forward to today, we are currently 1 week away from finishing our level 1 class (out of 5 sessions) but I can honestly say that I have seen a HUGE improvement on my dog. The training is not for the dog, but they train you to train your dog. I love being in class for two reasons; socialization for my dog and it’s affordable. Dexter (owner and trainer) is a very hands on with the people he works with. Special shout out to Steve and Juan as well!!

If you’re looking to train your dog and ready to do the work, I recommend to give this place a shot!


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